For us Bosses we know we run on high energy at all times.  When we are on we are spot on but what happens to many of us is we tend to fry ourselves. I know for me this past year was one of my most challenging yet as I was in a hamster wheel and could barely come up for air. I was watching my business of almost 5 years decline plus add drama life and just getting by I was completely exhausted.  I have never felt so tired emotionally in my life.  I started to go to bed early sleep in stopped taking care of myself and was completely lost. Who am I?  Why am I here?  How can I be the leader wife and mom that I have been but feel this way? Sound familiar well don’t beat yourself up and honestly start giving yourself a damn break.  Here are some basics I want you to follow to start living your life the way you wanted and not in chains.  Lets go over a few guidelines to being your best authentic self.

First forgive yourself! One of the hardest challenges many high functioning adults have is they are their own worst critic.  I was imploding on myself I was actually going backwards in my self care and self talk. Yes we all have an inner voice that speaks daily to us and mine was a complete A-hole. I would start crying just randomly apologizing every day for something.  My husband was ready to throw my In the hospital as all of this effected me physically. I hate to even say this I actually for a few weeks started smoking.  Not my finest moment but I was holding everything in and it was making it worse.  That brings me to my next step or rule as you call it but I don’t believe in rules so bare with me.

Take care of yourself first.  We here this all the time “put your mask on before you try and assist others”.  Its true!  If you want to be a top leader , influencer business women or man you need to take care of yourself.  Now this doesn’t mean spend a crap ton of money and go on shopping sprees but it does mean go to the salon, get your nails done get a message.  Make time for a date night or girls night pen it in my calendar people. Not only is this good for business it makes a massive change in your relationships or with your significant other.  When I feel good about myself I am happier less stressed and yes sex life is better.  Sorry not sorry this is reality people. Join a gym start doing Yoga not because I love it because it transforms you in every way.  Mind body and soul baby and your body will thank you!

Next don’t go into hiding.  I am classic for this as when I start to feel overwhelmed I suddenly have to stay home from everything. Events, parties lake days I want to stay in and shelter myself and its the worst thing you can do. Go for a walk call a friend or make a plan you can’t cancel on.  Sadly depression is rampant and so many of us or our loved ones are dealing with this. We feel like we are burdening others so we say nothing but this is where you have to stop and push through.  Never be afraid to ask for help if you are dealing with something serious or  if you are self sabotaging find a friend who will pull you out.  We live in a Social media age where we can connect to thousands hell even millions yet we feel more alone that before.  I will even give you permission right now to message me if you need.  You are never alone!

Finally remember why your here.  Its easy to lose site of things or get caught up but don’t sacrifice the very thing your doing this for.  For many its time freedom more time at home with kids or loved ones.  Travel paying off debt having peace or creating a plan B whatever your “Why”is remember it. If you are not aligned with the end goal take a breath step back and reassess.  Don’t be afraid of change or going in a different direction. The universe will always get you where you need to be trust it your gut and your ❤️ Fear is the number one killer of dreams and then its regret.  If the train is no longer on the right track throw the switch and get on a new track or get on a new train.

Love yourself be kind face your fears and go all in!