So you want to take your life to the next level, and you’re wondering how?

Let me tell you — with little, tangible steps every day.

By following through with the commitments you make to yourself and to others.

Too many people these days think that you can slay at the life you love by just wishing for the best. Thinking the right things. Having the right intentions. These people seem nice and sweet, but they show up late, and they aren’t going to haul ass when you need them. They aren’t going to deliver.

Don’t let that person be you. I know you have it in you to rise to the challenge and deliver every single day. Consistency is key in this crazy, competitive world. If you want to succeed, you have to bring your A game every day.

You hear me saying that it takes more than well wishes to be a true success story, so what does it mean to be truly consistent?

It means showing up even when you don’t want to. Even when you are exhausted and overbooked. If you make an appointment or if you make a commitment, show up, follow through, and kick ass.

It means committing to bettering yourself and putting time into training every single day. This could mean watching youtube videos or reading books about leadership. But whatever it is, go all in, go hard, or go home.

It means distilling your dreams into into actionable steps. Instead of just dreaming big dreams, come up with real, direct steps you can take to make your dreams reality. And once you have the steps you have to take planned out, take them.

It means setting your goals, and choosing, every single day, to move yourself closer to them.

And once you start being consistent, you’ll get a reputation for yourself in the best possible way. When you set goals and follow through, you will be irresistible.

The people you work with will notice and you’ll get more responsibility. Your friends will notice, and you’ll be able to branch out in meaningful ways.

Don’t just let yourself flounder around in dream land. Show up. Kick ass. Do it every day. Trust me, your life will thank you.